Monday, 23 January 2017

Messed up my life

Messing up my life

Hey guys! I know i have like no followers right now but I will still post for anyone who may read this. 😏 So yea your probably reading this how i messed up my life with on text. I was texting someone who i know but i can't chat to them in school. I know what your thinking i like them but i don't!!!! I only know them because of my bff. She know them but his friends always tease her because they think she likes them but she doesn't. I USED TO like them but i don't now. 

Well i was texting him today and this is what he said..
"Hey cutie. Haven't talked to you in a while. Thought I'd say hello."
My life was awful because my bff made him say that. So after that we texted for a bit and then at the end he said see you around cutie xoxo. Because I am not english i don't know what xoxo means but my bff told me it means friends or love one of them so i sent him back 
"ok... x bye 😓" And thats when i found out x means love. I messed uo my life terribly.... Help me!

Phrase of advise: never text a boy saying bye x or it will mean you Love them.